Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Cannes Mobile Lions 2012

After yesterday's post about mobile advertising it is a good time to show who won Mobile Lions at Cannes this year!

So...the Grand Prix goes to... Google and Coca-Cola!

Project Re: Brief

In Project Re: Brief, we’ve re-imagined Coca-Cola's classic 'Hilltop' commercial for a modern audience, in the digital age. Fulfilling the promise of the original ad, it allows users to connect with strangers by sending a Coke around the globe to an unsuspecting recipient, making the world feel just a little bit smaller. The ad can be experienced on mobile phone apps in Google’s AdMob network, across iOS and Android devices. Made possible through AdMob rich media ads, coupled with custom-designed vending machines, viewers can truly 'buy the world a Coke', with a few taps on their mobile phones. A viewer can decide where to send a Coke by selecting one of many machines located around the world, from New York City, to Cape Town, to Buenos Aires. They can then add a custom text message to personalise their Coke delivery. Google Translate converts these messages on the fly, breaking down the language barrier across countries. A dynamic video with Google Maps, Street View, and composite motion graphics shows the Coke's journey from the viewer's current location to the vending machine across the globe. Users can wait for confirmation of their Coke’s delivery, or enter an email address to be notified later. Once the Coke is delivered, recipients are not only treated to the generosity of a stranger thousands of miles away, but they can also say 'thanks' by sending a message of their own back to the user. That message is delivered to the user’s inbox where they can read the note and view a video clip of the recipient’s surprised reaction upon getting a free Coke. A gallery showcases some of our favourite shareable exchanges between people around the world connecting over a can of Coke. Today’s technology allows us to make good on a promise Coca-Cola made over 40 years ago, and lets users 'Buy the World a Coke' from the palm of their hand.

And now it's time for the Gold. I've guessed another Brazilian winner - The Fake Ad!
The Fake Ad
Brief Explanation We placed in iPad magazines: an apparently ordinary ad of a car. When the reader does the regular move to 'turn' the page, the car follows and crashes. Then the concept is revealed: 'Unexpected events happen without warning. Make a Bradesco car insurance plan'.

 Time for UK!
Pennies for life

The MicroLoan Foundation is a small, London-based charity that helps women in Africa to set up their own small businesses. Our campaign is called 'Pennies for Life'. We wanted to find an engaging way to invite the public to interact with our cause, by showing how even a small donation here could make a big difference in Africa. So we used mobile SMS technology in a new way that enabled people to make an instant donation to the charity, and receive an immediate, public reward. On a digital poster site at a busy shopping centre in London, we created unfinished portraits of African women, made entirely of pennies. Then we invited passers-by to complete each picture by texting a donation to the poster, along with their name. Making innovative use of Grand Visual’s OpenLoop platform, the SMS activated an on-screen animation sequence, and the donation dropped into place as an animated shower of coins, adding to the unfinished portrait. The donor's name also appeared on the screen, with a personal 'thank you'. As soon as we had received enough donations to fund one business loan, all the donors were rewarded with an animation sequence that completed the portrait, and demonstrated how the money raised would help the woman to set up her new business. Then the journey continued. Each donor received a reply text inviting them to our campaign microsite, where they could view a live donation tracker and find their own credit in our ‘portrait gallery’, as well as seeing who else had contributed. They could also announce their donation by Twitter, Facebook and Google+, and invite their friends to take part. The uniqueness of the campaign meant that people participated on multiple levels: actively sending text donations, watching the poster animation live, watching footage posted overnight on YouTube, reading about the event in social media, and visiting the charity’s website. In total, 314,200* people were exposed to the campaign, either at the site itself, or through Twitter reach. More importantly, from one poster site, in its first weekend, 21 women in Africa who had nothing now have their own small businesses

Mystery Ad

The new Nokia Lumia 800 Mystery Ad. CAMPAIGN BACKGROUND: Nokia launches a very attractive handheld in Germany: the Nokia Lumia 800. This device is running Windows Phone. However, iOS and Android are the dominating operating systems in the mobile landscape and consumers are very keen and loyally sticking to those. Nonetheless, Nokia wants to show what it’s got to consumers of competitors’ products and convince them of a very attractive alternative. CONCEPT AND CRAFT: A refined idea: Surfing the mobile web, the user is surprised by a sudden appearance of the Windows Phone interface on their iOS or Android device – a surreal experience. No channel can be targeted as efficiently as the mobile channel: delivered only to iOS and Android users in Germany, Nokia presents a well designed, well crafted rich media mobile ad demonstrating the features of its new Lumia 800. Clicking on the ad, the user is led to a landing page providing a very smooth, native-app-like user experience. Based on state-of-the-art mobile rich-media, the user is able to look at a slide-show picture gallery presenting the new Nokia Lumia 800 features, get further information on the phone’s functions, browse through available accessories and even kick back and enjoy the embedded video. CAMPAIGN CONTEXT: Implemented using state-of-the-art rich-media technology, the campaigns hits the bullseye reaching the target group without wastage. With the creative concept of delivering an interface of a completely different operating system to an iPhone or Android device, an unreal and surprising experience is guaranteed. OTHER FACTS AND EVALUATION: The mobile campaign was delivered to iOS and Android users in Germany on mobile websites and apps between February 15th to March 31st 2012. It was accompanied by print ads and TV spots. Final evaluation of the campaign is only available after March 31st, but interim evaluations have been stunning: with a CTR of 29,7% the impact of the campaign is way above average suggesting that it has a similarly high impact on awareness and image indicators.

And... Russia!
Parking Douche

'Douche parking' is a huge city problem in Russia. There're not many places to park but also there're people who just don't care about others. Online city newspaper, The, has decided to help people make such behaviour socially unacceptable using digital media. We've created a free app. It allows people to take pictures of wrongly parked cars, and save the car number, type (e.g. crossover) and colour. This data is streamed live to special banner ads that are targeted through IP address to locations where these cars were parked. These banners work as pop-ups where you see a car with a number 'parked' on an article you're reading. When you hover over the banner it lets you know that this car is annoying people in a certain street in the city right now just like it's doing on the site. The user was motivated to share the picture of the 'parking douche' in social media to close the banner. Because of the IP address/location targeting, lots of people saw themselves, their neighbours/colleagues or the 'douches' they saw and hated for a long time. That made them care and share the project information, and others were left feeling ashamed.

and... Canada!
Pain Squad

 Every year at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children thousands of children with cancer are being treated. The worst part of what these young patients have to go through are the painful treatments like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. The hospital is continually working on innovative ways to minimize the pain being experienced. To help them do this, they need their patients to record exactly how they are feeling on a daily basis. After treatment however, many patients are too tired or discouraged to even hold a pen much less keep detailed reports and unfortunately unless the data is collected consistently, it is virtually useless. SickKids approached us to help find a creative solution to collect this data every single day. And with that, the Pain Squad Mobile App was born. Each child was given an iPhone loaded with our App, then twice a day they received an alert informing them it was time to complete their pain reporting mission. With a simple flick of the finger, kids could easily identify exactly where and how much it hurt. To ensure that patients would file their reports as consistently as possible, we built in an engaging reward and graduation structure. Then to help keep our recruits motivated as they progressed, we enlisted the casts of Canada’s top police dramas, Flashpoint and Rookie Blue, to inform our patients when they were moving up the ranks through a series of motivational videos. The response to the app has been amazing. Due to its success, the Pain Squad Mobile App is now set to roll-out into four other Canadian hospitals and will soon be made available everywhere. So now, thanks to SickKids and their commitment to innovation and medical thought leadership, kids with cancer the world over will have a new weapon in their brave fight.


Backseat Driver

Backseat Driver is the first digital toy from ToyToyota. It's an iPhone app which allows kids to enjoy driving from the backseat of the car. By using the iPhone's GPS function, the player is able to drive a virtual car, which moves along with the real car that he/she is riding. They can collect actual shops and landmarks, which are generated using the Foursquare API. The player can accrue points, customize their car, and share their drive with friends via Twitter. The "Backseat Driver" offers the passenger a new way to enjoy driving.
VIP Fridge Magnet

Red Tomato is a neighborhood pizzeria wanting to drive loyalty with existing customers and increase delivery orders. Going up against multinational pizza chains, they were losing to big budget ad campaigns and 'value deals'. We had to find an idea that would resonate with customers beyond deals and toppings. So we found a local insight. While home delivery is popular in a city with over 200 nationalities, placing and receiving the right order is usually riddled with communication problems. Our strategy was to make home delivery from Red Tomato a special experience in a way no brand had done before. We delivered Red Tomato fridge magnets to loyal customers. The twist? The magnet doubles as the ultimate VIP pizza emergency button! Customers could activate it by connecting through Bluetooth with their mobile phones. With just the press of a button, it would automatically place an order for their favorite Red Tomato pizza whenever a craving struck. And if fans found a new favorite, they could simply edit their preferred order online, with the pizza magnet updating their selection on the spot. In addition, a YouTube teaser video was created to make other customers realize what they were missing out on. The VIP Fridge Magnet uses tech innovation to drive convenience and create a personal, one-of-a-kind experience at the same time. Instead of a campaign, we developed a game-changer product and a new way for the brand to deliver customer satisfaction. The VIP Fridge Magnet is the world’s first one-push pizza delivery service, exclusively for Red Tomato’s most loyal customers. Finally, we helped Red Tomato customers enjoy ordering their favorite pizzas! This new kind of customer engagement increased orders and earned the pizzeria word-of-mouth and buzz that money just can't buy. In just 4 weeks, On a total marketing budget of $9,000: Deliveries increased by 500% 3,240 requests from existing customers 97,133 requests from new customers Over 12,000 mentions 9,400 news stories worldwide Over $8 million in free media Franchisee opportunities around the world

and the final two for USA.

Band-Aid Magic Vision

The augmented reality category is littered with applications that focus on technology for technology’s sake. We used AR to do something far more powerful: create an emotional bond between parents and children. Building on BAND-AID Brand’s 90 year history of healing the hurt, we created BAND-AID Magic Vision: Featuring the Muppets, a mobile AR experience that turns any ordinary BAND-AID Brand adhesive Muppets bandage or box into a stage for interactive entertainment. When a child gets a ‘boo boo,’ they typically beg their parents for a Band-Aid bandage to make them feel better. Even if they’re not actually hurt. The bandages almost have a magical effect. BAND-AID Magic Vision was designed to amplify the magic. Now, when a parent applies a Muppets Band-Aid bandage to their child’s hand and scans it with their iPhone/iPad mobile app, Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and Gonzo the Great literally come to life to entertain away the pain. While BAND-AID Magic Vision delivers an augmented reality experience that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, it always does so in the service of the child-parent experience. Kermit the Frog leaps up out of the bandage and leaps into a swing, serenading ‘boo boo’ sufferers with The Rainbow Connection. Miss Piggy’s red carpet unfurls from the bandage, where she poses and asks users to take paparazzi photos. Gonzo performs an epic stunt designed to make kids of all ages forget their worries. In the process, he gets stuck on your iPhone screen. (Shaking is the only way to help him off!) It’s a fun and helpful new way for parents and kids use their beloved bandages. The app was launched for iPhone 4/4S and iPad (2nd and 3rd Generations) on iTunes and supported with a highly targeted PR and social media campaign. We enlisted the Muppets to help us market the app: partnering with Disney, we crafted content for Miss Piggy, Kermit and Gonzo to distribute to Twitter and Facebook followers.

Chevy Game Time

Chevy Game Time: Hijacking the Super Bowl by adding a second screen. Super Bowl Sunday, the biggest TV advertising day in America, has become a crowded place: with over 50 advertisers competing for viewers’ attention, how do you stand out? We decided to add another screen. Over 100 million Americans get together for the Super Bowl, but less than half are there for the game: 52% attend Super Bowl parties to see friends, watch ads and see the half-time show. With smartphones and tablets in people’s hands, we had an opportunity to invent a new way to own the day. Enter Chevy Game Time, a live second-screen experience designed to distract viewers from competitors’ ads and give them a reason to engage with Chevy for the entire game. It rewarded players’ attention with awesome prizes and got entire parties to watch our ads again and again: first on TV, then in the app, then online. On game day, 700,000 app users interacted in real-time with our commercials and the game. Each time one of our commercials aired, we asked trivia questions about it within the app. Since this could win you the Chevy you just saw on TV, it pulled viewers’ attention back to our brand and racked up commercial views and interactions with our products. In a unique integration between the app and live broadcast TV, app users were given a personal license plate; and if you spotted your plate in our ads, the car was yours. This became a reason for players to watch our commercials on multiple screens, and multiple times. During the game, the promotion literally promoted itself. Every player action was shared on players’ social networks, gathering more users and exposure. - Chevy ranked #1 in Super Bowl buzz (CNBC/Collective Intellect) - Over 700,000 downloads in two weeks - Featured app in both Android and Apple app stores - Top 10 app in the Apple App Store, passing Angry Birds and Facebook - Over 130,000 people playing at one time during the game - Over 21 million trivia questions answered - Over 1,500 answers a second passed through the app when we asked questions about game play - Our players rewarded us with their attention and millions in online social conversations throughout the day; we returned the favour with awesome prizes: 20 Chevys, hundreds of partner prizes and thousands of instant-win opportunities.

Well Done! :)

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