Thursday, 21 June 2012

Cannes Cyber Lions 2012

So the Grand Prix goes to... actually 2 of them :)

Nike + Fuelband

Two years ago, Nike came to us with an idea: a device that tracks your daily activity and a common, universal metric called Fuel for every active body out there. They asked us to design the entire user experience. We ensured ease of use: set your goal, and get from red to green. If you meet your goal, animations celebrate your performance. Hit a streak and Fuelie shows up to cheer you on. Data visualisations show where you were most active daily, weekly, monthly, and beyond. We created Bluetooth synch technology so when you finish your day, your Fuel is wireless synced to the platform. NikeFuel levels the playing field, and fits into your life. #Counts

Curators of Sweden
CHALLENGE: Position Sweden as a progressive country. Develop an idea powerful enough to spread organically and globally. IDEA: Sweden became the first country in the world to let go of an official communication channel and hand it over to its citizens. Ordinary Swedes are @sweden one week at a time. Tweet by tweet, the image of Sweden is built: dynamic, innovative and deeply human. RESULTS: 26,000 followers from 120 countries in six weeks. Real interaction, thousands of conversations. Inspiring 21 countries and cities to do the same. Featured in all major media globally for a PR value above $19,800,000.

and now time for the Gold winners! Japan, Sweden, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. Shame England is not among the grand prix or gold winners :(


Small Business gets and official day

In 2010, American Express created Small Business Saturday, a huge new shopping day right after Black Friday. But 2011 would be the real test. Would SBS be just a one-off? To help it become an ongoing tradition, American Express brought together business owners, consumers, government officials, even big corporations to rally behind a day for small business. Amex also created tools to help business owners reach more customers, and help customers find more small businesses to shop at. Ultimately, over 100 million Americans shopped small, and Small Business Saturday cemented its place as a part of the holiday shopping season.


Written/Directed by Chris Milk, “ROME - 3 Dreams of Black" is the first WebGL film ever created. It is a lucid dream-like narrative for Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi's album ROME, using WebGL to weave film with 2D-cell and 3D interactive animation, while showcasing the power of modern browsers such as Google Chrome. This interactive music video has been set to the song 'Black' sung on the ROME album by Norah Jones. ROME got 2M page views within first week and 60% of our visitors used Google Chrome. The Wall Street Journal praised a project that "reinvents the music video".


 Bear 71 is a rich interactive project, installation and social narrative that features a 20 minute interactive documentary that raises awareness about the intersection of animals, humans and technology.  This multi-user experience launched alongside an installation at the Sundance festival entitled “Bear 71 Live”. The narrative follows the real life of a female grizzly bear in Canada’s Banff National Park from the moment she is tagged and collared by park rangers to the moment of her untimely death.The story is narrated from the bear’s perspective, but users witness it through real footage collected from over 1 million photos take by motion triggered cameras that encompass the park. Visit the website.


Obsessed with sound
To demonstrate that Philips is ‘Obsessed with sound’ and claim that you can hear every detail with the brand’s audio products, we created a unique interactive music video. We collaborated with the Grammy Award-winning Metropole Orchestra and recorded a specially composed music piece entitled “I’m No Prototype”- in 55 separate music tracks. On the site, viewers can experience the music video as a whole, played by the entire orchestra, and are invited to single out each musician to hear every detail.

Don't make up and drive
An alarming statistic reported that more than 500,000 car accidents in the UK have been caused by women applying make-up. With safety being one of Volkswagen’s top priorities, they wanted to shed light on the issue and alert women of this serious issue. We harnessed YouTube “hauling” channels. We partnered with Nikkie who has over 25mm views. She applies make-up until she is suddenly flung towards the camera – similar to a car accident. These videos let us address our audience directly, with unwavering accuracy. We uploaded the video to Nikkie’s channel and has since spread to other major social networks. Also visit the website.
The museum of me
The Museum of Me is an interactive movie aimed at engaging Intel and global online users and promoting Intel’s smart new processor. Users create their own museum exhibits just by connecting to Facebook. By visualising elements such as your close friends and most frequently used words, The Museum of Me reveals who you are as a reflection of your Facebook activities. This virtual museum experience links to the core value of Intel, which is about creating innovation in our digital lives from the inside. The experience led users to share their museum photos, which created significant WoM on Facebook.

Connecting lifelines
March 11, 2011, North-Eastern Japan is rocked by a massive earthquake and tsunami. Traffic in and out of the region grinds to a complete halt. Within 20 hours after the earthquake, Honda quickly responded to the critical situation by providing road information collected real-time via the Internavi system installed on vehicles. By plotting these real-time data on a map, usable roads are visualised to the public. The information was distributed via the internet and through Google Maps. Through Honda’s speedy and timely response, Internavi contributed to rebuilding efforts by literally showing the road to recovery.  Visit the website.

 All is not lost
Develop a music video unlike any other. In the contents, you can enter a message and see it brought to life by dancers within the video. OK Go and Pilobolus dancers are filmed through a clear floor, making increasingly complex shapes, and eventually words. Different shots are rendered in different browser windows that move, re-size and re-align throughout the piece. Original message-cards and videos are generated, which users can share with the world. The result: we created a massive buzz in over 200 countries and areas, drove Chrome usage and were nominated at the 54th Grammy Awards.

The Liberation
An online interactive film experience for girls aged 16-25. A fashion catalogue, movie, game, music video, and the world’s first on demand, online, video, retail environment. With a simple click any time, the film freezes, turning into an interactive catalogue and from here you can: browse, like, pin, tweet and buy. You also interact with the story. Amongst other things, steal jeans, that, if you’re lucky, are sent to you for real and free. Finally your personal experience is summed up in a bespoke catalogue, so you can revisit the clothes you looked at, shop, share, download music and wallpapers. Visit the website.

Also decided to pay attention to the Silver and Bronze Winners that I have posted in this blog about.
One of the silver winners is the 'Project Re:Brief' , 'The Dove makeover app'.
Bronze Winners : Brazilian 'Easy way test' , '2012 Birthday Party'  and 'the invisible drive' for the viral video. 

Well Done!

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