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Cannes Promo and Activation Lions 2012

Some may already have noticed, that I try to post here creative ideas from different countries. So far I have covered Argentina, Australia, Belgium Brazil, China, France, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Sweden.

Cannes Lions is always interesting to follow. Let's take an example of promo and activation Lions winners.

The Gran Prix got USA - American Express - Small business gets an official day (lets have a look at it first)

But the attention I would like to focus on is on the Gold winners, because among them u can see Brazil, Belgium, Italy, Australia, Netherlands (where the focus of this post will be) as well as Tunisia, South Korea, Germany and New Zealand. If you want to see the last 4 countries - go to the Cannes official website to see the examples.

So. Brazil.
Among the gold winners - Sprite Shower and Recipe Receipt campaigns. So interesting that I posted in this blog about the both campaigns :) But in this post I will remind you about them.

Sprite Shower

Sprite shower was created to promote the refreshing power of Sprite during the summer season in Brazil, when temperatures easily hit the 40ºc mark. Sprite Shower was built over the course of 60 days, then transported to the beach and rebuilt there. Along with the Sprite Shower itself, we had a team doing product sampling, showing that the only thing that could match the refreshment of the shower, was a sip of Sprite. Sprite Shower served 1,500 showers a day in the beaches of Buzios, Rio de Janeiro, one of the most crowded summer locations in Brazil. Now the project is being picked up in other countries and will be available throughout LATAM in Summer 2013.

Recipe Receipt

Most people still think mayonnaise is only good for sandwiches. And even though Hellmann’s has been successfully teaching new uses to consumers, one challenge still remained: the point of sale. They needed to take advantage of the moment when customers have all the ingredients at hand.
If the consumer buys Hellmann’s at the supermarket, the software in the cash register detects it and starts matching it with other purchased products, printing a personalized recipe on the receipt itself. The software was installed in around 100 cash registers, at all major supermarkets of the St Marchê chain, for over three months. In the first month alone, the sales increased 44% and thousands of recipes were printed, teaching people how to use Hellmann's to prepare salads, meats, sauces, pastas, and even sandwiches.


 So, the Belgium 'A dramatic surprise on a quiet square' viral campaign also got the golden lion. and I also posted about it in this blog :)

Push to add drama

Launch of the new American TV channel TNT in Flanders, Belgium. TNT is a high-quality entertainment channel that delivers fresh series, acclaimed films and insightful real life stories. Their tagline: We know drama. TNT’s brand promise is ‘TV worth talking about’. Our assignment was to make a launch campaign worth talking about.
TNT’s tagline is 'We know drama'. Instead of telling the TNT story to Flemish, Belgian people we decided to give them a story to tell and directly engage them. Triggering the unstoppable curiosity of people we placed a big red push button on an average Flemish square. The sign with the button invites people to 'push to add drama'. And then we waited. People daring to push it were then confronted with a very fast sequence of dramatic and crazy events. At the end a big cloth unfolds saying 'Your Daily Dose of Drama. From 10/04 on Telenet'.
The campaign was launched mid April. But this is what happened in less than 1 week: More than 29m views on YouTube More than 250,000 'likes' More than 3.8m Facebook shares (the second most shared commercial ever, and counting) More than 120,000 tweets (even Chuck Norris tweeted about TNT) More than 2,500 blog posts Massive media attention: national and international And a hilarious Lego parody.

To launch Carlsberg’s new global strapline ‘That calls for a Carlsberg’ – positioning Carlsberg as a reward for people showing courage - in Belgium. We decided to let the people experience this new positioning in their everyday life and let them truly engage with the new strapline. To do that we set up a cinema stunt and made it viral.
A series of unsuspecting couples bought cinema tickets, only to find as they walked in to the theatre that they were surrounded by hard core bikers. Many couples walked straight out, but those brave enough to take their seats were rewarded by cheers and a bottle of Carlsberg as the strapline flashed up on the screen. The stunt was filmed and made viral through a YouTube film, emailing and social networks.
More than talk-value, the social experiment provided discussion-value. ‘Bikers’ got covered in all major media-channels in Belgium and major international titles like The Sun and Forbes. Each not merely reporting about the viral, but engaging the audience in the very brand essence: would you have shown courage? In just a few weeks the viral film made from the stunt was featured on countless blogs and news sites all over the world, was viewed over 16m times on YouTube, and got more than 2m Facebook shares, resulting in a gross reach of more than 150m free contacts.  

The Netherlands

LG Thief

In January of 2012 LG introduced the world’s slimmest television, the 4mm OLED. The objective was to claim OLED and its thinness for LG before the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. We leveraged the current popularity of ‘Dumb thief’, ‘Smart thief’ virals and created our own thief storyline. Our smart thief used the incredible thinness of the TV to his advantage, exiting the store with the TV unseen by security cameras. We chose not to hide that it was an ad, instead placing the brand moment as a subtle wink at the end of the film. Working with a small budget meant there were no funds for seeding the film. We instead chose to place the film on a handful of sites that would be most interested in the work.
At the unveiling of the LG OLED at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2,000,000 people had watched the video. YouTube awarded it a Trending Gold Medal and for 1 week it was the No.1 in many viral charts. After 4 weeks the combined view count was 7,000,000. It generated €1,280,000 in earned media, without spending a single euro on media. Viewers endlessly discussed it, hundreds of blogs posted it, spreading and linking the video with the introduction at CES. And LG is now inextricably linked with ‘slim’, ‘OLED’ and ‘television’ in the minds of consumers all over the world.


Integration Day

The goal of the campaign was to take full advantage of the World Down Syndrome Day to attract the attention of the public to the importance of integrating people with Down Syndrome into society. In particular our target was made up of all those companies in the country that could offer them a job opportunity. This because ensuring people with Down Syndrome a higher level of self-sufficiency would mean ensuring a more serene future especially when, once they reach a certain age, there might be no relative capable of helping them out.
On the 21st of March, on World Down Syndrome Day, alternative versions of the commercials of some of the most well known national and international brands (Illy Coffee, Averna Liqueur, Cartasi Credit card, Toyota, Pampers) were broadcast on tv. During filming, we had shot alternative scenes ‘àin0 which the original actor was substituted by an actor with Down Syndrome. These alternative versions appeared 334 times. And in the same vein, on the 21st of March, people with Down Syndrome appeared in some of the most famous Italian television programmes, replacing the usual stars.
The operation attracted the attention of all the national media, including tv, newspapers, magazines, radios, social media and blogs and, on the following days it opened a debate all around the country. We generated the equivalent of nearly 5 ½ Million euros worth of coverage and we reached around 18 million people, a third of the italian population. And, most important of all, in the week following the communication event, enquiries to CoorDown from companies interested in integrating people with Downs Syndrome into their organizations went up 600%.


Mobile Medic

We were asked to recruit 850 medical students worthy of a Defence Force University Scholarship. Not only did we have to find the best, we had to give those few a very real experience of what it would be like as a Medical Officer in the Defence Force.
We created a race across posters you could diagnose. An AR app allowed students to x-ray, scan and diagnose a series of patients on posters. The promotion saw students graduate from poster to poster, using true-to-life diagnostic techniques, in a race to be rewarded with a Defence University Scholarship. The promotion was the entrance exam. The experience also immersed them in the role of Medical Officer, letting them use CT scanning, Angiogram, Stethoscope, ECG, and Ultrasound in very real and dramatic Defence Force scenarios. Those who performed the best across all outdoor were called straight away, and offered their Scholarship.
In a highly targeted promotion, over 3,400 medical students, from the top 6 Medical Universities in Australia, took part. 850 were selected. We filled every position with only the best: putting our defence force, and the citizens they work alongside, in safer hands. Success. The posters now live on as education tool in all Defence Universities in Australia. This promotion not only changed the way the Defence Force recruited, it changed the way they taught.

Well Done!

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