Sunday, 24 June 2012

Cannes Film Lions 2012

Grand Prix

Back to the Start
Back to the Start depicts the life of a farmer as he slowly turns his family farm into an industrial animal factory before seeing the errors of his ways and opting for a more sustainable future. The soundtrack of the short film is Coldplay's haunting classic 'The Scientist' as performed by country music legend Willie Nelson. Both the film and the soundtrack were commissioned by Chipotle to emphasize the importance of developing a sustainable food system.

Golden Lions

Dipping is a relatively irregular phenomenon in British snacking, however, our audience seems to be playing online and mobile games with increasing regularity. We realised that if could build a digital gaming experience that recreated the routine that we were hoping consumers would adopt – dipping – they might start to replicate the activity in real life. We created a compelling cross-platform game, involving an unlikely story about a loveable character called Esteban who had a talent for throwing Doritos chips into jars of salsa. We pushed our audiences to the game via TV, online video, PR and teaser versions of the game seeded on popular gaming sites.

SUPER IN. SUPER OUT.  (Australia)
In the Hahn brewery, superness is brewed into the beer at every stage of its creation. The Knight Rider song infuses the barley through massive speakers. Is pounded by body builders in leotards, exposed to kung fu movies, churned by a monster truck Delorean, mixed in an immense drum-kit, poured over a fountain of winning trophies, fermented in a jumpsuit wearing vat, and stroked by a smooth character as it fills a glass panther, before being approved by a CEO hovering outside in a solid gold helicopter. As the Hahn SuperDry exits the factory, each bottle capped by a uniformed ferret, a line appears: SUPER GOES IN SUPERDRY TASTE COMES OUT.

DADS IN BRIEFS  (Argentina)
The campaign is comprised of three spots, depicting different situations which explain that, with the arrival of the Summer heat, nothing causes families more suffering than Dads in Briefs. And each of the spots finishes with the perfect solution: Get them Dressed with a BGH Silent Air Conditioner.

Three Little Pigs and The Bear  and Best Job(again - you can watch them - here

A chain of events starting with a phone call to your cable company can leave you in a roadside ditch.

The CoorDown organization campaigns for the integration of people with Down Syndrome in society and, in particular, the work environment. On the 21st of March 2012, on World Down Syndrome Day, we promoted the importance of integration in an exceptional way. On that day, alternative versions of the commercials of some of the most well known national and international brands were broadcast on tv. During filming, we had shot alternative scenes in which an original actor was substituted by an actor with Down Syndrome.

Blood Relations – The mutual blood donation project. Instead of spilling blood, people from both sides could share it, starting with those with most reason to hate – bereaved Israeli and Palestinian families. The Israeli national blood bank and an Islamic hospital agreed to accept blood donations so they could be shared with those on opposite side to save lives.

 The Brief: Encourage people to trial Google Chrome, by demonstrating what can be done with a new modern browser, featuring cutting-edge web-technology. The Idea: Develop a music-video unlike any other: an immersive, interactive, multi-window rendering of OK Go's 'All Is Not Lost', showcasing HTML5 and Google Chrome. The Result: A music video where you can enter a message and see it brought to life by dancers within the video. OK Go and Pilobolus dancers are filmed through a clear floor, as they make increasingly complex shapes, and eventually words. Different shots are rendered in different browser windows that move, re-size and re-align throughout the piece. Original message cards and videos are generated, which users can share with the world.

The Museum of Me is an interactive movie aimed at engaging Intel and global online users and promoting Intel’s smart new processor. Users create their own museum exhibits just by connecting to Facebook. By visualizing elements such as your close friends and most frequently used words, The Museum of Me reveals who you are as a reflection of your Facebook activities. This virtual museum experience links to the core value of Intel, which is about creating innovation in our digital lives from the inside. The experience led users to share their museum photos, which created significant WoM on Facebook.

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