Sunday, 24 June 2012

Cannes Film Craft Lions 2012

The Grand Prix goes to...

The Bear
A bearskin explains what it takes to become a great Hollywood director.
 And now Golden Lions!

This advert for the Guardian's open journalism, screened for the first time on 29 February 2012, imagines how we might cover the story of the Three Little Pigs in print and online. Follow the story from the paper's front page headline, through a social media discussion and finally to an unexpected conclusion.

I Am Mumbai
One of the largest dailies in Mumbai presents a hard hitting, soul stirring film through a series of stories featured in the paper with a notion that for some time now, one voice every morning has been amplifying some of the sounds a city does not get to hear, but should. The politically-motivated university ban of Rohinton Mistry’s book, the milk adulteration fiasco, the horrifying hell of the kavda orphanage, the fight against illegal political posters destroying our cityscape are made heard through the VOICE - MUMBAI MIRROR. The film brings the unheard voice of a city screaming to be heard with voices personified by angst, anguish, courage and determination jumping headlong into our lives.

Best Job
In Procter & Gamble’s ongoing effort to support the moms of the world, we wanted to create a spot for the London 2012 Olympic Games that honors the amazing mothers behind Olympic athletes, while also allowing all moms to feel pride in their own accomplishments. The spot shows the hard work moms do to raise their children—a lifetime of chauffeuring their children around, washing their clothes, providing meals on the run and supporting them at practices and competitions—all to see their children succeed. The hardest job in the world, is the best job in the world.

The 60' TV spot is a dance between the senses , a visual bombardment of colour , movement and textures. The viewer moves through a rainbow showing the more exciting world of healthy food with Lurpack Lightest at the heart of it. Several Camera and animation techniques were used, allowing ingredients to be seen in a new, joyful light - travelling through the heart of red cabbage and following the dollop of Lurpack Lightest as it bounces with corn on the cob in a sauce pan. A song provides the spine of the spot , with Rutger Hauer lending his distinctive tones.

L'Odyssée de Cartier 
The Odyssey tells the story of Cartier’s 165-year History. It takes us on an adventure through a dreamscape of legendary inspirations that continue to live through the Maison’s creations today. We follow the panther as she encounters various emblems and symbolic locations in seven different tableaux. Each one represents moments from Cartier’s origins to the present day, before finally projecting us into the future: · The sculptural panther represents the first major turning point in the Maison’s style · Russia is a reference to the “garland” collection created for the Tsars’ court · The triple rings of Trinity and the “Love” bracelet hoops represent Cartier’s icons · The majestic dragon evokes the Chinese influenced collections · The Indian palace on the elephant refers to the Tutti Frutti collection · The aviator Santos Dumont hints at the origins of the bracelet watch · Place Vendôme takes us to the Cartier’s historic boutique and the feline woman in red is the one who originally made the panther the Maison’s emblem. The film closes with the Cartier red jewel case, a powerful brand symbol, reminding us that every jewel Cartier creates is charged with this history.

Back to the start
Chipotle's 'Back to the Start' depicts the life of a farmer as he slowly turns his family farm into an industrial animal factory before seeing the error of his ways and opting for a more sustainable future.  The soundtrack of the short film is Coldplay's haunting classic 'The Scientist.' The lyrics describe the farmer's realization of his errors - "questions of science and progress don't speak as loud as my heart." To perform the song, we enlisted music legend and co-founder of Farm Aid, Willie Nelson. The song injected the film into national conversation and was distributed on radio stations across America to create awareness and encourage downloads. With every download, customers join Chipotle on the journey to Cultivate A Better World. As the campaign progressed the song climbed the iTunes charts and received critical acclaim as well from Stereogum, Billboard, American Songwriter, and more. Back To The Start's Grammy placement catapulted 'The Scientist' to the #1 iTunes country song for the 48 hours following the Grammys. 'The Scientist' was a critical component in generating the film's pop culture buzz, propelling the spot to 300MM+ media impressions and 6MM+ views on YouTube.

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