Thursday, 21 June 2012

BA Olympics and Coca Cola's Olympics-focused TV Show

BA Olympics
The ad, part of the airline’s Home Advantage campaign will be soundtracked by The Clash song London Calling and shows a BA plane taxiing by road through London bringing supporters together and arriving at the Olympic park.
It ends with a call for people to stay in the UK under the strapline “Don’t Fly. Support Team GB and Paralympics GB.”

The ad is being shown on Facebook first, as with other recent BA video activity. In the online version users can input their postcode and watch the aircraft taxi down their street.
The ad will be supported by outdoor and national newspaper ads and social media involvement on Twitter will be driven by the hashtag #homeadvantage.
As part of the Home Advantage campaign BA has held a competition to win free flights to the UK for friends and family living abroad.

Coca Cola's Olympics-focused TV Show 

Coca-Cola continues its Olympic campaign preparing to roll out a TV show that complements the Move to the Beat global campaign and is titled ‘Beat TV.’

The original series features 10 episodes that will air on weeknights from July 30 through August 10 through a variety of broadcast partnerships, says Ad Age. The episodes will show celebrity and athlete being interviewed, live musical concerts and the Beat Bus, as well as a mobile pop-up studio. The show will be used by Coca-Cola marketers in more than 30 countries of the world in English, German and Spanish as well as with subtitles to target teens.

“We’re filling out a need and desire. Sometimes you have games coming and going and you get a lot of info on the event, but you miss out on what it would have felt like had you been there,” said Claudia Navarro, the company’s global Olympic marketing director. “Instead of focusing on what’s happening on the pitch, the medalists. … We’ll capture the vibe of London, the social aspect of it for the fans.”

In several countries MTV is a distributor of the show. In the U.K., ‘Beat TV’ will air on ITV2, while the partner in the U.S. is not found yet. The episodes will air mostly in a 30-minute format, though in different countries the show length may vary.

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