Wednesday, 9 May 2012

IKEA toilet during Milan Design Fair

IKEA has this very nice tradition of creatively using space in order to promote their brand and products, and they didn’t do differently this time: at the Milan Design Fair they brilliantly used a place that they knew every human being at the expo will reluctantly come to sooner or later (a chemical toilet) as a doorway to a much bigger, better and more comfortable 20 square meter bathroom, all furnished in IKEA, yet again showing how expanding space is almost always possible with them.
Not only is this a very creative idea, it also scores extra points with the customers, as this little promotion surely won’t be forgotten by the people that reconciled with the fact that they are about to use one of the most awful objects you could use, and instead stepped in to this spa like heaven (compared to the portable toilet). As the video says, It was a real (s)hit.

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