Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Creative ideas from Brazil

So, again.... It's all about how awesome sometimes is Brazilian ideas! Just have a look at the recent examples:

A giant Sprite dispenser placed in one of the most crowded beaches in Brazil, where people could have a cold refreshing shower during Brazilian summer, where temperatures reach close to 40Âșc. With more then 1,500 showers everyday, together with a sampling strategy around the machine. Sprite Shower was able to leverage the brand above all others in the field and consumers more than merely hearing about Sprite’s refreshing power, felt it directly all over their bodies.

Meta Real: Virtual Fridge Lock


This product was developed for Meta Real, an eating rehab and weight loss method that has been around for over 25 years, and is used exclusively by people that adhered to the method.

Now sure how is it possible and how in reality it is successful, but the idea is nice and shows social integration in life, again from Brazilian ad agency.

Easy Way Language Center: Pronunciation Game

A game for english students to practice their pronunciation skills with Google’s speech recognition service. Link to the website.
This is brilliant! Would be useful even for my mum haha


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