Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Google Project Glass

Google has introduced a striking innovation that fuses real life and augmented reality and is supposed to make human life more effective and less time-wasting. The technology Hercules has unveiled the prototype of their augmented reality glasses showing what it might be.

This is Google’s first move into wearable computing. The glasses are equipped with a see-through lens that streams any needed information—from weather to maps and to text messages in seconds. For example, the video demonstrates how user takes picture of a graffiti-painted wall that he sees as he walk’s down the street. After taking a snapshot, he instantly shares it with friends in his Google+ Circles. The glasses that send and receive messages through voice commands. can also record video.

In my opinion, if this becomes our reality - it can be described with one word - sad. It is really sad how people get addicted to new technologies and let everyone know where they are, and instead of finding a location of a specific book section in a store by themselves people will google it? find it through the internet? this is sad! It takes more time to type it in the phone rather than go and find it. It is much more interesting to LIVE and experience life rather than live through the augmented reality.

Dont like this innovation and disappointed in Google. Hope that if it becomes a reality, it will not be soon.

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