Tuesday, 13 March 2012


These days every marketer hopes for viral success, but when your campaign garners more than 70 million views in five days, you may want to pause for air.

Not-for-profit group Invisible Children found itself in that situation last week as its 30-minute documentary-style video, "Kony2012," caught fire around the world, becoming the fastest-growing viral video to date. (The previous recordholder was U.K. "X Factor" contestant Susan Boyle singing "I Dreamed a Dream," which took six days to hit the 70 million mark.)

"Kony2012," which seeks support for the arrest of Joseph Kony, an international war criminal known to abduct and force African children into combat, was uploaded to Vimeo two weeks ago. But the true viral affect started last week, when the video was uploaded on YouTube - then it got the most of public shares and media recognition as well. To tell the truth, I was overwhelmed by the fact that how many my Facebook friends shared it! After that, I am not surprised that it made a viral record! This is how a new 'movement' was created - events started to appear on Facebook  around the world!

Despite the rapid rise of Kony 2012, the video has brought a shower of criticism for potentially oversimplifying the issues, possibly encouraging “slacktivism” and turning Kony into a celebrity.