Saturday, 19 April 2014

Finger Painting by Iris Scott

Finger painting is now fine art at the hands of New York based artist Iris Scott. Why paint with one point of contact (a brush) when you can paint with several? In the same way a pianist utilizes all of her fingertips to hit the keys, Iris Scott is spearheading a movement that we left behind as kindergarteners.

Painting with her fingertips began in 2009, the artist took off a year after college to live in Taiwan. During this year abroad Iris stumbled up the technique by chance....she simply ran out of clean brushes and it was too hot to go clean them down the hall.  Iris was working on a painting in a nicely air-conditioned room when she realized that in order to switch to color yellow she needed to go out into the heat to clean her brushes. Not tempted by the idea, Iris added several yellow touches with her fingers. “I knew within 10 strokes that finger painting with oils was what I would spend the rest of my life doing,” she says.

Can someone please buy me one of these? Please...

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