Sunday, 20 April 2014

Budgie or Food Art by Anna Keville Joyce

It’s likely that most of us were berated as children for “playing” with our food, but what if the sculptures and paintings we made with broccoli and spaghetti sauce hinted at our future career paths?

Food stylist Anna Keville Joyce creates truly spectacular imagery by using everything from crushed-up toast to slivered veggies, creating all manner of textures imaginable. After seeing the pieces she crafted with items that most of us have in our fridges and cupboards, it’s going to be difficult to see groceries as anything other than potential art supplies.

This art series that Anna created is in tribute to her pet bird: when Budgie passed on, Anna turned to art therapy to deal with her grief. As she works with food as a creative medium, it only made sense that she worked with the materials she knows and loves, and the result is astonishing. A flamingo crafted from crushed-up Fruit Loops cereal stands tall among paper-thin radish and kiwi slices; the plate becomes a canvas rather than just a serving implement.

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