Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Smart YouTube Advertising by Burger King

Everyone hates ads on YouTube. Most of people skips them (not everyone, by the way ;)), but everyone hates them because they disturb them from watching videos people want to watch.

So...The Burger King marketing team also knows this. But marketers always want to have their cake and eat it, too. So New Zealand agency Colenso BBDO created dozens of variations on a pre-roll ad featuring a couple of bros making fun of pre-roll ads.

Each spot is themed to match the video that viewers are attempting to watch, and the actors groan in sympathy about having to endure yet another pre-roll ad. So, they consist, more or less, of a couple of guys saying "Oh, sorry guy, were you trying to watch that? Burgers!"

The case study video fulfills its reason for being by exaggerating the effects of the campaign, saying the ads turned "the worst thing on the internet" into "lolz." Credit to BK and the Auckland agency for making the best of a bad thing. It's clever, and viewers will probably find it worthy of a chuckle the first time around. That said, acknowledging you're an interloper doesn't really excuse it.
 The original video is here, but stupid Google doesnt let me choose it here..

It's a smart, interesting, funny and most importantly...clear brand recognition campaign. Well done NZ!

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