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Super Bowl 2013 ads

02/02/2013 Update
By now you know the strategy: Nearly $4 million is a lot of dough for a 30-second Super Bowl ad, so marketers taking the plunge are under more pressure than ever to make it count. That now generally means releasing the ad, and teasers, on the web early and unleashing huge PR and social media campaigns to gather up as many impressions as possible before and after the actual game. 

Mercedes-Benz - Kate Upton teaser

Volkswagen - Sunny Side

With its The Force advert from two years ago regarded by many as one of the best Super Bowl adverts of all time, Volkswagen is looking to hit similar heights with its latest effort. The advert is made up of a series of YouTube video meltdowns from a women weeping over cats in her Eharmony video bio to a man having an Original Video Game Freak Out’ and smashing his Xbox. 

Is it only me or does this ad really look like an old Coca Cola ad?

Doritos - Crash the Super Bowl 2013

Long time Super Bowl advertiser Doritos has unveiled the five finalists for its annual Crash the Super Bowl contest where fans can see their advert shown during half time. We’ve picked out one of the funnier ones above.

Coca-Cola - The Chase

Coke’s teaser sees a group of cowboys, showgirls and bikers chasing a bottle of coke across a desert only to find it was only a sign and they’ve got 50 more miles to travel. It ends with a call to action to visit a campaign site to decide which group wins.

Toyota – Wish Granted

Toyota’s teaser features Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cucco walking through a city street granting wishes with the click of her fingers. The real star of the ad though is the 1995 hit ‘I Wish’ by rapper Skee-Lo that will have your mind cashing nostalgic cheques the moment it starts.

Taco Bell - Grandpa goes Wild

The fast-food chain’s advert shows what most of us have wanted to do in an electric scooter at some point in time but have never had the chance.

M&Ms - Devour

Mars says it will not release the TV spot for its M&Ms pre-game and instead has unveiled a teaser of what we can expect on the big day. It uses the new tagline ‘Better with M’.
02/02/2013 Update
Toyota - Wish Granted (11.8 million views so far)

Volkswagen - Get Happy (6.9 million views)

Audi - Prom (6.4 mil views)

Samsung - El Plato Supreme (7.8 mil views) this is the teaser

and this is the Superbowl ad
Mercedes-Benz - Soul (2.6 mil views)

Kia - Space Babies (1.5mil views)

to be honest, purely in my opinion, this is the worst ad Ive seen this year - I would never be attracted  to this car by this ad and thinking that superbowl is focused on male audience (thats why most of advertisers are cars!) i doubt if they would be interested in such a car after such an information ad.
Doritos - Road Chip (1.08 mill views)

Doritos - Goat 4 Sale (0.7 mil views)

Maybe Doritos ads are not getting as much views ad the car ads,but these are always awesome and funny!
Taco Bell - Viva Young (0.6 mil views)

Also, a very good article about "What a $4 Mil. Super Bowl Ad Could Buy in Digital".
And also,for those who want to see more of the Super Bowl commercials - here you go - an articles about the "All-Time Top Super Bowl Ads". Enjoy! :)

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