Saturday, 7 July 2012

Olympic Games advertising

Just wanted to make the post will all the previous posts about Olympic Games advertising as well as update and post about the recent BBC, Coca Cola's (again) and adidas adverts as well as write about Muse's Olympic 'Survival' video clip.

So the first one was P&G famous advert for moms as well as less famous ad for dads.

One of the first posts I made was about the opportunities for sponsorship during the games, so you can read it and see the example of Subway campaign that u can actually also watch on YouTube now.
Then some other adverts from Omega, Panasonic as well as Eurostar can be found right here . Then some other news about Coca Cola's Olympic TV show as well as the ad from BA - this way. Nike 'Voices' ad was also posted as well as current Innocent twitter 'tweet for a seat' campaign.

There were also three other posts where I mentioned about Olympic Games, but the main topic of the post was not about it - social tv, mobile advertising and the post about the marketing associated with Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Coca Cola encourages to support Team USA athletes

By deciding to support members of USA’s Olympic Team that are not so famous (even Paralympic athletes, the part of the team whose accomplishments often get neglected), Coca-Cola showed that its not always about signing and promoting the biggest stars. They could have picked some of the NBA superstars, Tyson Gay or Michael Phelps, but they didn’t, and that is why I must pay a tribute to Coca-Cola.

On the other hand...
Adidas supports Team UK athletes

BBC's London Calling

The 60 seconds animated video, which shows the United Kingdom landscape transformed into a giant sport arena, is generating quite a lot of buzz online. The choice of creating an animation instead of filming real athletes is very much under discussion by the public and quite a lot of people don’t like the stylized cartoonish approach.

and finally...
 London 2012: Muse's Olympics 'Survival' video

The clip begins with footage of the Olympics rewinding back until the 1800s. Then it propels forward, showing highlights from recent victories featuring swim champ Michael Phelps and gymnast Nastia Liukin, among others. Under the highest of pressure, the athletes are shown pushing their limits to win the gold while Muse frontman Matt Bellamy sings "Survival," wailing such lyrics as: "I'll light the fuse/And I'll never lose/And I choose to survive."

Last week, Olympic organizers announced "Survival" as the chosen theme; it will be played throughout the broadcast of the games, including when the athletes enter the competitive venues and before the medal ceremonies.
Bellamy has said he wrote the song with the Olympics in mind, and for the group, the song represents "total conviction and pure determination to win." Although I really like the video I am still not sure about the song and its lyrics.. Probably with time I will get used to it and like it :)

 Hope soon there will be even more examples. Well there are many outdoor posters, especially in London Underground but will see if there are more coming soon!

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