Sunday, 1 July 2012

App tells which clothers to wear according to weather

You wake up late, with little time to prepare before going to work. You have no idea what the weather is like outside, and don’t have the time to look it up and coordinate your clothes accordingly. If rains comes and you are not prepared, it could be a disaster. Sound familiar?

Well fear not, a recent update to the iPhone app Cloth integrates local weather data into its wardrobe-organizing features. Users snap self-portraits of their favorite looks, share the outfits on social networks, and the app attaches a temperature stamp to the photo.
Then, on a day when they are feeling less creative, users can just search for what works based on the current conditions.
The app does not take any user information to respect user privacy, particularly since many outfit self-portraits are taken in people’s bedrooms. Pretty great for a free program, however the weather matching feature costs a one-time $1 upgrade with obligatory photo filters included.
Check out the new wave of practical, personal weather forecasting in this video of some of the app’s features below:

The best video is here
but I could not find it on YouTube, so slightly less better video.

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