Friday, 29 June 2012

Unleash Your Fingers : Next Generation

Last year, Samsung France released a very cool advert for their new Samsung Galaxy entitled Unleash Your Fingers. With the premise that the larger screen of the Galaxy allowed users to have more room to use their fingers, the advert focused purely on the these oft-overlooked digits and produced a beautifully choreographed ‘finger dance’, or Finger Tutting as it’s known professionally.

Whilst this was novel enough, Samsung blended it with seamless and stunning digital effects to complete the marriage between the finger ballet and the digital tech with which they’d dance.

This year, Samsung France have decided against spoiling a winning combination and have returned with Unleash Your Fingers : Next Generation which is more of the same, but bigger and better. Take a look at the new and the old versions and compare!

And the video from last year.

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