Sunday, 17 June 2012

Brazil’s Advertising Renaissance

Obviously I am into countries and their advertising :) I just yesterday posted about advertising in Lithuania but now its time (again) for Brazil!
We’ve had the opportunity to cover many great campaigns and ideas flowing out of the industry powerhouse that is Brazil. I've posted many examples as well as essay-style posts that you can check via the tags.

Now apart from posting the only new campaigns, I decided to post some from the other years and finish with the most recent one. Enjoy!

The first scented banner
Fast forward 50 years later to Brazil and the world of KAIAK – a top selling men’s fragrance that is sold exclusively door-to-door.  The company wanted to let people know that the fragrance had changed but was obviously limited on how to get the word out with no retail presence.  The solution was a combination of pure genius, creativity and just plain fun.
In Brazil Internet cafe’s are visited by millions of consumers each day.  KAIAK secured a partnership with one of the country’s largest chains of Internet cafe’s and turned nearly 300 computers in to instant sampling machines in a very clever way.  The company created an online banner that was placed on the home page of each Internet cafe.  The banner said “Click this banner – it’s scented.”  When [you] click on the banner ad it slides to the right and as it does it appears to slide right out of the computer.  In actuality some cool hardware attached to the back of the computer dispenses a little scented sample card.
In addition to the strong word-of-mouth this campaign generated across the country, the banner ad did what it was designed to do – with more than 17% of people (43 times the natural average) clicking on the banner and and more than 10,000 samples distributed in one weekend.

Guitar Pee

The “Guitar Pee” is an interactive urinal designed by the Brazilian agency AlmapBBDO that allows you to transform your urinal use into a real Guitar Hero solo! Gentlemen, you all know the interest that may have this kind of gadget, especially if it is placed in the toilets of a bar… The “Guitar Pee” is accompanied by a website that lets you listen to “creations” of users! (available only on mobile:

Camp Juice
An incredible guerrilla attivation from Brazilian agency ageisobar to show that that Camp juice is natural.

Budweiser and Will.I.Am have formed an unprecedented partnership to create a vinyl ad, which plays the hit "Great Times." To be enjoyed at your parties and to celebrate the good times to come.

Guaraná Antarctica: Ex Lover Blocker App 
Here’s a fun app idea from Guaraná Antarctica, who recently launched the Ex-Lover Blocker app for iPhone, which gives friends the tools they need to help their heartbroken mate get over an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend.
The app, created by DDB Brazil, blocks the ex’s phone number so that the heartbroken mate can’t call their ex, if they do try and make the call their friends will be informed so that they can intervene and save their friend from making this mistake. The app also releases reminders of facts that caused their friend to suffer. If, even with all these incentives, they decide to make the call anyway, the app posts to Facebook that the mate is about to call their ex. This is a fun way for the brand to engage with their target audience.

I hope one day I will be able to work with the Brazilian creatives! Soo many good and unusual ideas! Love it!

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