Saturday, 16 June 2012

Advertising in Lithuania

As I've written some (just two actually) posts already, I think I need to show the other creative work that is worth mentioning.

Lithuania is a small market with only a few agency names worth mentioning. The ad industry works pretty much the same as anywhere else in the world, except budgets are much smaller, resources more modest and expectations high, which requires a lot of ingenuity on the part of ad people.
The market is de-saturated in terms of local creative talent, which creates good opportunities  for the creative’s  to do actual work, build portfolios and win awards even at junior level.

“Become Someone Else” Campaign 
These print ads for the Mint Vinetu bookstore in Lithuania encourages readers to engage themselves thru direct identification with the characters.  It focusses on the idea of becoming someone else, and provokes people to try on different personas.

Vilnius Film Shorts: Hunter, Fish

Valdorfo 'Burnt meat' campaign
Burnt meat? No problem! Valdorfo

But to be fair, when back in Lithuania, I almost never see good adverts. These that I posted here I never noticed when I am there... So strange! Most of advertising in Lithuania is annoying - tv ad breaks can be 15 minutes long, therefore, you just switch channels/turn of tv/ go to eat something/etc. The adverts are just annoying. Most of them are just adapted from English/Russian versions with Lithuanian voiceovers or subtitles - just a few are truely created in Lithuania - well, these are the ones normally for Lithuanian brands and these are the ads I actually post in this blog. 

I will keep updating if something fresh and interesting comes up.

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