Friday, 25 May 2012

Malibu VIP Facebbok Application Offers Fans to Get Status

The app for the popular coconut rum offers users content including drinks recipes, games, style articles and giveaways from partner brands Fake Bake, Heat, ghd and Models Own.

The more users interact with the content, the more VIP points get to gain the ‘status’ such as Malibu Mover and Shaker, Idol or Legend. The higher the status is, the more content and giveaways become unlocked for them.

Malibu uses gamification to engage users with this app that forms part of its Malibutique experiential campaign.

Aimed squarely at women, users are awarded 100 points just for starting the game, then get additional points for each article they read within the app. These include drinks recipes, sponsored style tips and competitions.

It’s a well-executed app, with new content uploaded everyday to keep people coming back and extra celeb features available for users who clock up enough points.

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