Friday, 18 May 2012

Hellmann's recipe receipt

Two other good ideas coming from Brazil!

Good tactical campaign from Ogilvy Brazil for Hellmann’s mayonaise.  A clever way to inspire new uses for Hellmann’s mayonaise above and beyond “the sandwich”.  What I like is that the brand goes beyond messaging and finds a nice way to bring value to the consumer.
Once Hellmann’s mayonaise was detected at checkout, some smart technology analysed the other ingredients purchased and dynamically printed a ready to use recipe at the end of the receipt.

and...a challenge! or a really interesting way to promote/advertise a gum?!

Stride - Face the Cow by Juarez Rodrigues. A challenge between the people and a cow, with a statue made of gum as a prize. Awesomeness and nonsense just reached a whole new level.

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