Sunday, 8 April 2012

The battle of the brands - Audi

The previous post showed the brand wars of Pepsi and Coca Cola. Now it is time for the car industry.

It is very interesting to track Audi's strategy, as it is normally the initiator of the battles. Firstly just look at these:

Audi initiated the battle with Ferrari (2009).

Then it laughed at Lexus as well (2010).

And said 'Goodnight' to Mercedes (2011).

But Audi is competing with BMW already for more than 5 years with BMW actually responding back.
The next 5 print ads are real ads.


And Audi's tv commercial from 2010.

And another commercial from Audi (2011) against BMW.

 So, what Audi will do in 2011? When will it strike again? And who will be the company Audi will target? Will other companies reply? Maybe, BMW again?
Every year Audi was doing something different. So... lets sit and wait!

To finish off just watch Audi's commercial from 2007.

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