Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Skittles - ' the rainbow' campaign

Skittles is one of the most popular candies in US and UK which is produced by Wrigley’s, a division of Mars Inc., who merged in 2008. The candy comes in a hard outer shell of varying color with the inner part consisting of sugar coupled with hydrogenated vegetable oil, added flavors, citric acid and fruit juices. It also has an ‘S’ printed on the outer shell. The complete process of making Skittles takes nearly 8 hours.

Skittles is marketed with the slogan ‘Taste the Rainbow’. In 2009, Skittles adopted a more aggressive and extensive marketing campaign by which they are promoting the product on social networks like Facebook and Twitter where it has a considerable fan following.
Skittles is one candy which many remember as a candy they ate as a kid. And it almost always brings back the whole childhood experience of having them when they lay their hands on a pack.
The ‘Taste the rainbow’ campaign from Skittles is one of the longest running campaigns in the history of advertising.

Look at some of the commercials.

The next two videos are the most recent ones (March 2012)

You can watch more commercials on the Skittles YouTube channel. Also you can watch 18 best shots (TBWA) chosen by the AdWeek in summer 2011.

Also in spring 2011 there has been released the 'touch the rainbow' campaign. The rise of touch-screen technology inspired Skittles so much that they wanted to give consumers the ability to touch something they never had before: “The Rainbow.”
 You can watch more again on the Skittles YouTube channel.

But finally, it is not all the crazyness! The 'rainbow' campaign was growing with the help of TBWA\Chiat\Day, however, from summer 2011 they are no longer creating ads. It was sad news, however, it did not stop the company from continuing 'the rainbow' - they started producing 'speculative adverts' (spec ad—not approved by the company, e.g. Skittles brand). These are mostly created to promote the formers/producers! The following two videos are also strange and 'filthy' and they form the story. I suggest watching in special order, so that you do not start with the most shocking one. (P.s. these videos should be forbidden for kids)

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