Friday, 9 March 2012


The latest my university work was the case study/report about the IKEA. One of the problems, that I have stated is 'adhering to the IKEA way' - well, the case study we were given was from 2002, so we all know now where IKEA is as a brand currently. But at the time of the case study, it was the problem.

And I feel the irony when looking at one of the recent news articles - 'Ikea’s Simple Solution To Making Every Mitten Touchscreen Friendly' - I watched a video and it made me smile. Why? Because in my report I wrote that 'Adhering to IKEA way means that the company is adapting the environment to IKEA, but not the IKEA to the environment' [when expanding to another country]. And it was a disadvantage (I realise though, that it is the company's core value and etc., but in terms of internalisation in Asia in 2002 it was a disadvantage!)

However, watching this particular video...made me think that whenever IKEA does and how crazy those ideas are, it is a success. It is some kind of disruption. A disruption in a nice way. 

Just watch it and realise how smart they are to adapt everyone to 'the IKEA way'.
(Beröra means “to touch” in Swedish)
I have also noticed, that I feel a different interest to those companies that I have been investigating when working on different university projects :)

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