Saturday, 17 March 2012

Fanta on Facebook Timeline

Fanta has pioneered to use Facebook Timeline for a clever and fun, fan-based activity midst Brands. On February 29th, Fanta made a status update to announce how the leap year 2012 had thrown four Fanta characters; Gigi, Lola, Floys and Tristan into past and they had hidden in the timeline. The first hidden character was that of Gigi; users were given hints to identify the year she had hidden in and ‘like’ the image to bring her back to 2012.

The left image shows the status aiming to inform people about the first lost character: Gigi and the image on the right side shows the call to action given by the brand to the millions of fans on its page. The interesting thing to note is that the character was hidden in the year 1956 and requires 1956 ‘likes’ to unlock it from that year and bring it to present. Considering that the post alone has not been able to generate enough interaction to bring Gigi back, the team of Fanta has also put forward many eye catching clues to attract fans further.
Nonetheless, Fanta has been the first brand to use Facebook Timeline in such a creative, fun and challenging way for which they deserve praise for sure!

But just a side point... Fanta has 2.6m fans on facebook, but only less than 1,000 'like' the clues and challenges and no more than 20 answer questions and comment. Is it due to the fact, that not many people are used and willing to use brand timeline pages or because the campaign is not what fans expected to see? Nevertheless, since it is the first one it deserves to be respected :)

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