Saturday, 17 March 2012

Coca Cola Happiness

It is just fascinating what Coca Cola actually does to spread ‘the happiness’!

And it is amazing how it is trying to play with human love to free stuff and connect the brand with young consumers outside traditional advertising.

Set in a college cafeteria, the footage captures the surprise and delight on the students faces as a magical Coke machine gives away bottle after bottle of free Coke, sunflowers, pizza, balloon animals and an epically huge six-foot sub!

The Coca-Cola "Happiness Machine" was awarded CLIO's prestigious Gold Interactive Award at the 51st annual awards dinner held in New York City. A CLIO award is one of the world's most recognized industry accolades for advertising, design and communications.

"Happiness is contagious. When you see people smiling, you want to smile"

‘What Coke really gave away was a sense of happiness which created an emotional connection with the brand. Students involved in this video were caught up in their everyday lives, and this little moment touched them. We used free stuff to surprise people but what we gave away was happiness and a smile. The key is engagement, whether you were there or just watching, free stuff was just the catalyst.’

And then the story continued…

There are some other videos of Coca Cola promoting the trucks in other countries than US and UK. You can watch it HERE.

Therefore, after such a strategy I am not surprised about Coca Cola doing something really outstanding for the Olympic Games as well. Coca‑Cola has supported the Olympic Games since 1928, staying the longest continuous supporter of the Olympic Movement. Coca‑Cola also shares the Olympic Movement's vision of connecting people with sport, and we are committed to promoting active, healthy lifestyles and increasing participation in sport at every level.

As we all know, the start of the 2012 Olympic Games is approaching, and as we could have expected, Coca Cola has prepared some really interesting content.

But it is not everything...

Belgium was the host of one more Happiness machine, intended to raise awareness. So what is this all about? You just need to dance in order to be awarded with a dose of happiness. The best thing is that you’ll never know what the prize is. It is always a surprise that varies from very expected- a bottle of Coca-Cola to VIP Package for the Olympic Games, and many unpredictable presents even including people.

Finally, I am not surprised that Coca Cola used machines again in their Project re: brief .  

I really love the idea. The idea of sharing, sharing the happiness. And I love that Coca Cola constantly comes up with something new, and every single time it surprises me and makes me smile. Obviously, even when looking at this videos, I want to share them with my friends.
It is also very interesting to see how Coca Cola makes a new attraction to its customers. I mean, just imagine you being in front of the ‘happiness machine’ – it would be such a different feeling, it is so different compared to tv commercial. It creates memories and it somehow establishes relationships – you don’t feel happiness to a commercial, but your memories of the machine and memories of those moments – they are crucial. They are the key to Coca Cola’s success. No doubt you would tell about it to everyone- you would like to share with people you know. Smart, smart strategy.

I would really like one day to be in that place and discover and try the ‘machine’. Maybe then I would start drinking Coca Cola?

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