Monday, 19 March 2012

Digital Opportunities in Brazil

I am really interested in this topic mainly because as previous posts have shown, Brazilian people are very friendly and they need a personal connection and trust and the relationship formation when forming brand loyalty. Therefore, just was interested in their perception of digital opportunities – probably because it is perceived pretty well everywhere regardless of geographic position, Brazil is not an exception – digital is on the rise.

An impressive 45 percent of class C Brazilians are active on social media. Brands, therefore, have focused their marketing efforts on channels such as YouTube, MSN Messenger, Twitter and Orkut, the Google-owned social network that still trumps Facebook in Brazil. As you can see from the picture below, Facebook overtook Orkut only in July 2011.

Recent surveys have shown growth potential for digital advertising in Brazil.
A recent survey of the top 300 advertising agencies in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, which was undertaken by Nielsen on behalf of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) in Latin America, underlined the tremendous growth potential of mobile media in the region.

According to Thiago Moreira, director of Telecom for Nielsen in Brazil, the purpose of the research was to determine how much advertising agencies in these three important Latin American markets knew about mobile marketing and what kinds of campaigns they typically undertook.  “What we learned is that while mobile marketing is just emerging as a marketing discipline in all three countries, it is taking on very different characteristics in each of these markets, with Brazilian agencies being the most active in mobile marketing.”

Also just a small fact – Brazil is LinkedIn’s fourth-largest market with 6 million users.

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