Sunday, 10 November 2013

Christmas Ads 2013

Year on year Christmas ads are released earlier and earlier. I still feel like being in the beginning of November and some of the companies have already released their Christmas commercials. Weird. Last year they came out slightly later.

Well.. I honestly understand the fact that people are getting better with their planning and are already buying Christmas gifts (yep it's true), so it makes sense due to this fact to release ads earlier. But.. do we really want to see same commercials for 2 months? Are we nor gonna get tired of them pretty soon? Well, will see. But in the meantime, I've decided to post what has already been released last week.

So the first one I've seen this year was - Aldi
Honestly, this is the type of ads I do hate and I think Aldi could do MUCH better...

also 'dislike'
TV ad is highlighting its own-brand food ranges, as well as the extent of its retail footprint, running with the strap-line “Relax, Christmas is just round the corner”.

So far it's my favourite :)

Yea, sure, using John Lewis's snowmans this year.. 
Asda has taken a swipe at rivals, saying it will not use gimmicks, promotions or celebrities in its Christmas ad campaign, instead focusing on its ‘unbelievable’ value and shining the spotlight on the stories behind its products.
For some reason stupid Blogger doesnt let me choose it. Here's the link:

Well,it is more memorable in comparison to the one from Asda or Lidl..
Morrisons launched its Christmas ad campaign on 8 November with the strapline “Go on its Christmas”. It features Ant & Dec and focuses on how the supermarket offers award-winning products at “affordable” prices.

I guess it could have been worse, but it's ok.
The advert, soundtracked to Bronksi Beat’s Smalltown Boy, focuses on a teenager as he takes to the street on a Christmas night to hand out presents to people who have done something special for him. Recipients of festive fun include a teacher who helped him achieve a “B in Maths”, the “fittest girl in year 10” and the nurse who cared for his “nan”.
It uses the brand’s “It Feels Good” strapline and highlights the retailer has offers on “1000s of Christmas gifts”. 

Curious to find out who's Tesco's main target audience. Shame it's the closes supermarket to my house as after watching this I feel like I don't want to go there anymore.
Tesco is attempting to portray the reality of Christmas for families not the “perfect, airbrushed one” depicted in some ads in its 2013 festive effort. It features cinefilm and videocam footage of a family enjoying Christmas from the 1970s to the present day. It is soundtracked by Rod Stewart’s 1988 cover of Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young”.

John Lewis
John Lewis has unveiled its hotly anticipated Christmas campaign that, for the first time, uses animation to demonstrate how to give someone a Christmas “they’ll never forget”.  

I think in 2011 and 2012 John Lewis created such awesome xmas ads so that it's really hard year on year to repeat and create something as awesome. This one definitely is not my favourite for this year. And not favourite from all the other John Lewis christmas ads. A bit disappointing...But,well, most of social buzz around it is positive. Among Twitter users, 52 per cent of comments have been positive, 28 per cent neutral and 20 per cent negative. On Facebook, public posts have been even more in favour of John Lewis, with 79 per cent positive, 14 per cent neutral and 7 per cent negative. It's rather hard to compare the buzz for it and any other ads - as most of people actually have been waiting for John Lewis to show what they did this year. People do not wait for Asda's christmas ads. They wait for John Lewis. Also it's done a good job - you'll really remember the ad using animation :)

 Also, last but not least - Cadbury

Cadbury is entering the battle of the Christmas TV ads with a spot of its own as part of what it says is its first ever multi-brand festive marketing campaign.
It focuses on a London street covered in purple wrapping paper that is descended upon by children, who set to work unwrapping houses, cars and lampposts. It promotes the biggest Cadbury Christmas range to go on sale in its 189-year history. 

Interesting to point out that most of these ads have been release on Friday  (8th) during the Coronation Street.
Another interesting point is that Asda, Tesco, Morrisons (as well as Aldi,Co-op and M&S) have already released their Christmas ads, just waiting for Sainsbury's.

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