Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Ad That Kids Can See, But Adults Can’t

The ANAR Foundation in Spain has created an ad designed for children who may be with their aggressor at the time they view it. Any child around the height of four feet, five inches and under are able to see a number connecting to an anonymous child abuse hotline.

The campaign uses a clever trick known as Lenticular Printing. Basically, two photos are laid on top of each other but at different angles. From one angle all you can see is the face of a young boy. The foundation used data to calculate the average height of a ten year old, and from that angle the ad shows a battered and bruised boy.

The ANAR foundation (Aid for Children and Adolescents At Risk) has been helping kids since it’s establishment in 1970. The program utilizes a multitude of outreach programs in Universities and schools to train students, teachers, and parents in case they witness any child abuse or bullying.

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