Saturday, 20 April 2013

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

According to Dove, only 4 percent of women around the world consider themselves beautiful, so the brand, inspired with the remaining 96 percent has made a new step in the journey of a Real Beauty campaign which definitely scratched the surface a bit more. With the help of an FBI-trained forensic artist Gil Zamora, Dove together with Ogilvy tried to change the way women perceive their beauty. In Sketches, a deeply moving video, seven women had to face the difference between the image they had about themselves and the way others see them. The depth and the brilliance of the video below unequivocally made my day. We certainly are more beautiful than we think.

 Dove is known as a brand that promotes natural beauty in women with various campaigns such as Thought Before Action.

Also in a world where brands are struggling to be unique and create a real value for consumers, Dove stands out with its' significant brand image. Well done :) was created by Ogilvy Brazil

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