Sunday, 6 January 2013

Insightful Articles

Some nice articles I've recently read and decided to share them,as I think I might refer to these articles at any point this year or so, because these are so...good! Oh and also, I've decided that my blog is a good location for storing these things, since I've bookmarked them I've decided I should better store them here as well.

"What’s Big? 100 Things to Watch in 2013" offers a generic view of 2013 with new things and terms emerging. Really good for generic awareness things.

"How different markets respond to different ads" the short and summarising overview of France, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and the UK markets. And it is true :)

"8 Changes to Google AdWords in 2012 You Shouldn’t Miss" a really good article about new AdWords features - what they are,how they look like and what they [features] are for with screenshots and videos as well as explanations how to do it.

"PPC Bid Management Guide: The Best Bidding Tips from 18 PPC Expert" as I've started learning about PPC not that long ago (¬6 months) I found this article really useful and insightful.

"The future of mobile in 2013" 2012 was supposed to be the year of the mobile; yes, it was;however, it's not the year, since 2013 will continue to be the year of mobile. This link is a good article of the overview of 2013 for mobile stuff.

"Why YouTube advertising is worth another look" a good article explaining YouTube TruView ads,how they work and what kind of targeting you can choose.

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