Sunday, 16 December 2012

Make your own Skittles rainbow

Skittles is famous for their explicit and sensational ads, and a lot attacks on that account, but it definitely didn’t decrease their sales. “Create the rainbow” is a project where every one of us has a chance to create a Skittles holiday commercial. It is a video-based website where you can choose backgrounds, characters and a Skittles miracle. Then you again choose between 25 dialogs and 10 actions, and after all of that you can personalize your artwork with your name. This hi-tech project has a lot of possibilities so you don’t have to worry that your masterpiece is going to be the same as someone else’s.

Basically,it's really fun, you feel like you are actually contributing to the brand idea or smth similar. Shame, the best commercial competition is running only in the US.
But this is what I've done just now haha

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