Sunday, 9 September 2012

Jet Lag: An Adman's View of the World

TBWA Worldwise chairman Jean-Marie Dru's latest book, "Jet Lag: An Adman's View of the World," tells the story of our world's biggest brands. An interactive video supporting the book's launch gives visitors a peek at each chapter, A-Z, with the help of Dru himself. Users are invited to tap their keyboards, each letter of which will bring them to a section of the book. The book itself is also available for purchase, if you're not into the idea of taking such an intimate digital journey with Dru.

"It is the story of brands with which  he has been intimately connected to over the years."

Check the video here -  it is absolutely amazing and made in a similar technique as the latest Old Spice video. Really really nice and engage, as if listening to the audio book! Though I am a bit curious if the audio video is the same as the book.

You can already buy it from Amazon in the UK, but I think I will wait a bit to see the know is it worth paying 15 pounds for such a book :)
But I really got interested... nice size of a book, good for people who travel a lot and work in advertising world :) and video/online promotion is stunning!

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