Friday, 7 September 2012

Get a Heinz Bean with Your Name on It

The U.K. headquartered social media shop - We Are Social-  came up with some very clever ways for consumers to get excited about Heinz, like this new campaign, which promised fans a unique prize-- adorable little beans engraved with their names.

The Facebook effort wass an attempt to get consumers excited about the brand's new five-bean variety, Five Beanz, which hit stores in the U.K. in June. The contest included a "Bean Personality" quiz that helped fans determine whether they're a Pinto or a Borlotti, or if they lean more toward the Red Kidney, Borlotti or Cannellini varieties. Those who took it entered into a drawing to receive an engraved legume mascot. Every hour, Heinz picked a winner from each bean category. 

The campaign run for 12 days and finished in the end of August...

Previously, We Are Social launched another "personalized" effort for Heinz, which allowed fans to send their sick friends Heinz soups cans customized with names and get well messages of their choice.

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