Thursday, 5 July 2012

How to look your best the morning after

Absolutely amazing!

I was recently thinking about the fact that the click through rates on banners are so low, so why beauty/makeup companies do not consider sponsoring those ladies and people who create and upload videos on YouTube about 'how to...' or 'the make up tutorials'. I thought this is a good opportunity. maybe some companies do that, but I was not sure if they actually, but the idea is still nice.

And today I saw this!

YouTube makeup vlogger Lauren Luke teamed up with BBH London for this shocking PSA disguised as a 'make up tutorial' that helps you camouflage the bruises and injuries from abuse, for charity Refuge.

Luke, who produces videos under her Panacea81 handle, is one of YouTube's more prolific makeup artists, with almost 440,000 subscribers.

BBH: “Lauren’s relationship with her audience is paramount; every content decision and direction she makes is with her subscribers in mind. Her enthusiasm for the cause and participation in shocking her fans is, in short, the kind of unstinting bravery needed to tackle domestic violence as a subject.” 

Below there is the former video that was noticed in Cannes Lions 2012 - the first video with a makeup artist doing cause advertising.

Given a shockingly high figure of half a million car crashes a year caused by women drivers applying makeup (in the UK alone), awareness of this underestimated danger needs to be raised. Based on this insight the aim of a viral video by DDB Berlin and Volkswagen is to address a target audience of young women drivers and educate them about the danger of putting on makeup while driving.

The objective is to reach as many young women as possible all over the world. In order to do so, DDB Berlin picked up the latest viral trend among young women: haul videos. These videos are often put on the web by girls, who buy cosmetics and give makeup tutorials on how to use the respective products. Together with the famous haul girl Nikkie, who has over 150,000 subscribers, DDB Berlin created the tutorial “a crash course to shine” carrying the message in a way that is designed for impact.

By using this platform the narrow target group is addressed directly in terms of age and interest. Having a famous makeup artist as the spokesperson makes the message relevant and even more believable to the target group. “In only five days the video was shared, re-tweeted and has been watched almost 130,000 times. DDB Berlin and Volkswagen started a real discussion on YouTube with over 2,100 relevant comments. And this is exactly what we believe Social Creativity must do,” says Eric Schoeffler, Chief Creative Officer, DDB Tribal Group.

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