Saturday, 12 May 2012

London Olympic Games and sponsorship

UPDATE: You can have a look at the newest Olympic games adverts like Omega,Panasonic and Eurostar here, BA and Coke here as well as check out the tags to see more.

So we have seen Coca Cola's part of the ‘Move to the Beat’ campaign as well as a new fresh (even viral) ad for P&G and now it is time for some more news regarding Olympic sponsors as well as non sponsors and OOH advertising opportunities.

Non sponsors ramp up ‘Olympic’ drives
Several non-sponsors of London 2012 are stepping up efforts to run sports-themed ad campaigns ahead of the forthcoming Olympics marketing blackout period (Non-sponsors have been put of advertising at all during that 12-week period).
Last week, sandwich chain Subway and delivery service FedEx unveiled campaigns featuring athletes. Just a side note, they are not Olympic games sponsors, but their competitors- McDonald’s and UPS are.
Subway’s campaign across TV, outdoor, digital and social, which launched last Wednesday features pole-vaulter Holly Bleasdale and boxer Anthony Ogogo (these athletes will compete at the Games for Team GB) discuss their favourite subs and their personal goals. The slogan of the campaign is 'Train hard. Eat fresh'.

The head of marketing for Subway denied that the athletes activity was ambush marketing, adding that it was a long-term programme and not timed around the Olympics.

 Let's see if there will be more ads from non-sponsors covering athletes or sports!

Advertising during Olympic games
 Can you just imagine for a second how many people are gonna be there in London during the Games?

The millions of visitors flocking to London for the Olympic Games are in for a rare treat as they navigate the capital’s transport infrastructure. But with the Games broadcast exclusively on the BBC and no brands are allowed inside the Olympic arenas (the exception is official timekeeper Omega) outdoor ads are a key channel for sponsors looking to promote their campaigns.

So let's think about the space advertising and OOH.
About 90% of outdoor space still remains unsold across the UK. You’ll certainly feel the Olympics across London, but it will not be everywhere you go as it was in Beijing or Vancouver - many of the venues outside London (like Manchester) struggled to attract advertisers. Well yeah, it is reasonably clear why. However, the flight price from somewhere to Manchester (as well as to every UK airport) has increased. Normally during this time of the year prices are cheaper but now - boom! Oh well, did you see accommodation prices? haha thats another story!
So what are the key advertising opportunities?
Airports – it has been stated that all ads in arrival halls of the Heathrow airport hall have been sold.
Tube – the Underground will be a key area for advertising by sponsors and non-sponsors alike.
Rail – it has been stated that up to 80% of spectators for the Games will arrive by rail.
Also do not forget buses!
Mobile – there will be great opportunities for mobile advertising and apps during the Games especially with the free wifi offered during that time in London. Virgin Mobile will run wifi service for Tube platforms!
Also there are plenty of opportunities to advertise in a few languages simultaneously.
So lets sit and wait till new ads and promotions come up.

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