Thursday, 31 May 2012

How to market the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – one of the most challenging jobs

Queen's Diamond Jubilee is a huge opportunity for brands, first of all, to show some appreciation. It is an event that will become a part of the royal history. However, it should not be over commercialised. Brands need to relevant to the event and 'authentic'.

So let's have a look at this particular topic. I actually prepared a draft of one post, but after reading yesterday's news it has been slightly changed - therefore, I start with explaining the reasons why some brands may have forgotten about the Jubilee and then show examples of those, that haven't forgotten.

15 brands will be involved with the event – these are the right brands, which have a good fit with the event and the Queen with the biggest being Sainsbury's - it is organising the Hyde Park Festival.

But where are the other Jubilee commercials? 
Some possible factors:
-          --There will be a small amount of brands wrapping themselves in the Union Jack;
-          - Jubilee celebration is perceived as a warm-up for the Olympics;
-          - It is will be over too quick to make an impact;
-          - Olympics are close, so there was no time and budget to focus on both events;
-          - Association with Jubilee would decrease association with sports/Olympics;
-          - Association with the Royal Family and the Queen in particular is seen as disrespectful by customers?

I thought there would be much more publicity, but it seems like most of the brands have forgotten about the Jubilee. 

 But now it is the time for some examples.

Old El Paso marks Jubilee

Old El Paso, the General Mills Mexican food brand, is to launch a targeted outdoor and digital campaign as part of the activity to celebrate  the forthcoming Diamond Jubilee weekend. You can see an outdoor campaign supported by a TV ad – ‘Bring on the Jubilicious weekend!’

Marmite rebrands to Ma’mite in honour of the Queen

First up is an effort from FMCG giant Unilever for its Marmite brand. The spread is toasting the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with a patriotic edition of the British breakfast staple. Known as Ma’mite the product has ditched its classic yellow top and label and replaced it with a red top and a union jack logo with the strapline “Toasting the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee” below a picture of a crown. Love it or hate it we couldn’t fail to be amused by this quirky turn from the divisive brand.
T-Mobile’s Diamond Jubilee spot

Louie Spence becomes the Queen for T-Mobile’s latest ads. A follow up to T-Mobile’s now famous Royal Wedding virals but Saatchi and Saatchi have delivered a hilarious turn with the Pineapple Studios dancer. Spence pays tribute to the Queen by dressing up like her in a TV spot for the telecoms firm. This features streakers, a jockey and a choir before unleashing former Bargain Hunt presenter David Dickinson.

M&M’s Keeps to the British Colour Scheme

The originally American brand M&M’s turned British in a new promotion dedicated to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, which start this weekend. The brand launched a new TV advert dubbed ‘Union Jack,’ which celebrates the British spirit and pays tribute to the colours of the national flag.

And now... some time for the parodies! haha the nice one from the Sims 3

The Sims 3 | Queen's Jubilee Parody

Electronic Arts says the video cements The Sims 3’s comedy association.
It uses Sims lookalikes of popular royals including Prince Harry, who sprays champagne over a group of scantily clad female Sims, and Pippa Middleton who steals the limelight from the Queen with her much-photographed backside.
Computer game maker Electronic Arts has launched a parody video of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee using characters from its lifestyle game The Sims 3.

 Well... It is already apparent that even not UK-national brands are advertising and trying to create a Jubilee/British association.Nice tries anyway!

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