Friday, 27 April 2012

Volkswagen Takes You on A Ride on Facebook

After Smart Argentina made their first drive through Twitter using more than 450 tweets that turned into an animated smart car drive, now we have the new social media drive operated by Volkswagen Amarok: the ultimate all terrain vehicle. It goes on everywhere, from mountains to streets of urban jungles, even Facebook. You can start the drive yourself by visiting the official Volkswagen Facebook Page for the Turkish market Volkswagen Ticari AraƧ.

The creative campaign is a flip book made of 200 Facebook photos that follow each other and by holding the right arrow pressed you start the drive that turns into a never ending movie loop. It also goes in reverse so try holding the left arrow. On the above image you can also see the great use of “outdoor advertising” inviting you to like the campaign. The agency behind the creative campaign is McCann Erickson Istanbul. Here you can see the video and the instructions to start the VW Amarok Facebook drive:

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