Friday, 13 April 2012

Nike Football - Nadal and Ronaldo

Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and tennis champ Rafael Nadal smile at a monitor during a shoot for their latest Nike commercial for the Mercurial Vapor VIII shoes.

The sports studs battled it out on a tennis court, playing their respective sports against each other. Check out some of the awesome moves that Cristiano did!

It is an interesting way to attract attention of the right target audience. I am in love with tennis, so obviously if something like this is released I will check it  and actually yes, I will be attracted to such products, especially if famous sport stars like these advertise them! It works really well, attracts attention, makes the video viral within days and makes a good promotion to a new product!
It is not the first Nike's attempt in creating such videos.

However, sometimes it is not the case about sports, but about famous people in funny, tricky, interesting videos. It is all about making it viral! Check how Gillette used Roger Federer!

Also check Powerade's commercial with James LeBron.

Although there are many more examples, these are the ones I can easily recall.

Also since I love tennis, two more viral videos with tennis players.

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