Sunday, 15 April 2012

Axe angels and new generation boyfriends

Axe, or Lynx (as it is called in some countries) has quite interesting advertising campaigns all created by BBH London and followed by other agencies (here I show only examples of BBH Londonand other agencies' work by Netherlands and France).

I will start with Axe Angels.
Unilever presented Lynx Excite and Axe Excite as the nadir of angels in “Angels Will Fall”, a television, ambient and interactive advertising campaign. Firstly it was a TV ad, but then....

The Fallen Angel Facebook game invited players to answer questions about Facebook friends in a bid for a chance to party in real life with English model Kelly Brook.

Lynx Excite was promoted in two augmented reality “ambushes” in Victoria Station, London, and the Birmingham Bullring.

 On the Netherlands Axe site, young men were invited to compete for a chance to live in “Heaven on Earth” with three winged models.

And then it became the time for the Axe Anarchy, the first fragrance in the brand's history with a version for ladies as well as dudes.Axe has long been known, and relentlessly bashed, for "giving men the edge in the mating game" (their words)—which in the advertising has always meant portraying women as brainless, sex-driven fools unable to resist throwing themselves at the Axe-using men in their midst. The introduction of a women's fragrance levels the playing field, and lets BBH finally portray both sexes as sex-crazed imbeciles, free to objectify each other equally in willfully mutual attraction—in what turns out to be the most absurdly romantic campaign Axe has ever produced.
BBH London began softening Axe's longtime message that females are mindless animals incapable of resisting its man-scent with the above ad, introducing a fragrance for ladies and illustrating that dudes, too, are pheromone-driven morons.

Then, the agency went even further, upending the dynamic of the brand's advertising with a campaign allowing that females are actually thinking, acting members of society capable of leading obsequious, sex-obsessed males to debase themselves in myriad ways. Rather than portray Axe products as magical potions that turn douchey guys into dime magnets, the new series argues that the brand's shower gels are merely aids for men suffering the long slog through the unmanly activities that interest their girlfriends—theater, dancing, shopping, and flirting with other men. What's the light at the end of the tunnel? Still getting laid, of course. And while the new creative is still pretty insulting to women, it's made up of amusing slices of life grounded in credible scenarios instead of abject soft-core based on teenage fantasies—marking another baby step towards the 21st century.

However, have a look what French agency Buzzman has created - it finally admits that the brand's shower gel has more of a repellant effect on bikini-clad models. But don't worry, flabby teens. That's only because when you flap your Axe-washed wings at the beach, a meteor made up of horny bombshells forms at a distant point in space-time and hurdles toward you—causing everyone nearby to flee for their lives. Call it chaos theory for douchebags.

Well...Anyway you can clearly feel the tone of the brand! Something new, fresh, outstanding from the other similar products! The brand is now hard not to recognise everywhere. The concept might not be as shouting as the 'man who smells like me', but clearly it is also outstanding!

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