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Volkswagen do Brasil

The previous post focused on advertising and marketing in the Brazilian way and now it is time to focus just on one particular industry/company.

VW plays in Brazil a key role. Also Volkswagen has been Brazil’s biggest exporter of cars for some time now. Also here are some figures in pictures about the automotive industry and VW in Brazil in particular.


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Volkswagen do Brasil
Market share comparison by country – August 2011

Market Share in Brazil

Brazil offers great potential and actually VW was the first car manufacturer in Brazil – therefore, it has a long long history and success. As my Brazilian guest lecturer pointed out, Volkswagen is perceived as a ‘home’ car company, some people do not even know that VW is actually a German company. Have a look at the Brazilian VW digital work examples.


AlmapBBDO Brazil created a neat interactive meets experiential campaign for Volkswagen’s new Amarok. Essentially the idea was to create a virtual test drive that people could experience live from their home or office.
So, they setup a huge outdoor test track, along with a seemingly automated car that takes your virtual test drive directions over the phone while you watch it live on your computer.
The campaign had over 300 live test drives, 500,000+ unique site visitors and generated 7,392 online purchase intentions during the campaign period (which is suspect are brochure requests / test drive bookings). 


Volkswagen Brazil in 2011 sponsored the biggest music festival in Sao Paulo, the Planeta Terra Festival, where they decided to promote their coolest young car, the Fox, through a seriously good mashup of Twitter, Google maps and real world prize locations.
Volkswagen hid secret tickets across the entire city, and then displayed them on a microsite using Google Maps. The catch was, the map was zoomed all the way out and the only way to zoom in was to have the community band together using the #foxatplanetaterra hash tag, and the more tweets made, the more the map would zoom in, ultimately revealing the pinpoint location of each ticket. At which point it became a foot race in the real world to find them, day and night for 4 days.
In less than 2 hours, the campaign #hastag became the #1 trending topic in Brazil, where it stayed for the length of the campaign. Very cool promo mechanic from BBDO Brazil.


The interactive book tells the story of the most famous legend of the Brazilian folklore, the Saci.
During the adventure in the outback, the VW Space Cross plays with the character until it manages to captures it. Highly recommended for parents and children. Also made by AlmapBBDO.

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