Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Marketing and advertising in the Brazilian way

Previous post was about advertising in Brazil and now it is time for some campaigns!

10 Outstanding Ad Campaigns from Brazil

Morumbi Shopping Fashion Mall: Fall-Winter Collections2009: Now at MorumbiShooping Mall, soon on the streets
Leo Burnett Brazil

Brastemp: Free your clothes from odors
DDB Brazil

Derma Master:We know what a pimple can do to you.
DDB Brazil

Poly Juice: Most people think that what counts is to compete. It’s a good thing that you are entitled to your own opinion.
Estúdio TZ, São Paulo, Brazil

ESPN: Soccer is our music Eldorado ESPN Radio. The best of soccer is on 107,3 FM.
Neogama/BBH, São Paulo, Brazil

MTV: now by satellite, stay tuned.
Loducca, São Paulo, Brazil

Rios Illustration Studio:We put anything on paper.
Artplan, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

IMIP: Decide One of these two will get your organs, you decide.
Ampla, Recife, Brazil

Govesa Gas Station:You must trust who gets into your car. Govesa Gas Station. Guaranteed quality.
Jordão Publicidade, Goiânia, Brazil

Coca-Cola: Recycle Use your imagination and recycle. Our future depends on it.

Miami Ad School, São Paulo, Brazil

and a recent interactive campaign from Brazil’s Gol Airlines  

Brazil’s Gol Airlines created a simple Facebook competition to grow their online community and raise brand awareness in the highly competitive airline market. Based on the insight that a trip is the most romantic Valentine’s gift that you can get they turned the Valentine’s weekend into a competition on their Facebook page with ‘Valentine’s flight’.
Throughout the weekend a series of images showing empty seats were uploaded to the Gol’s Facebook page, before every image a wall post would hint that the photo was about to appear. Users were encouraged to refresh the page until the image was posted. The first users to see the image and type in the seat number as a comment won a pair of return tickets to any of GOL’s destinations. As a result, the airline’s Facebook community grew from 12,000 to over 200,000, a great result in a short period of time.
I’m not really sure how this competition made it past the eyes of Facebook as it doesn’t follow their T&Cs but it’s a nice simple idea. This campaign was the work of Almap BBDO.
Could not find the video on YouTube, so just watch it here.

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