Monday, 12 March 2012

Kit Kat Break Time Friday

Here’s a cute new campaign from Kit Kat“Break Time Friday”. Kit Kat is known for reminding us to take a break (and have a Kit Kat while doing so), and now they are taking the well known slogan to the next level. Break Time Friday is a global social campaign that lets you have a break by sending one of your photos to Kit Kat’s Facebook page and getting your caricature drawn, which you can then share with your friends, and make them smile too. Up to 100 smiling portraits an hour during their Break Time Friday Event. By JWT Italy.

On the other hand... I am curious to find out what Kit Kat will do when it switches to new facebook timeline page! Seems like the company was not prepared to release the timeline together with the other brands or did it do it on purpose - to firstly release this campaign while writing down the history and then creating something new on timeline?

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