Thursday, 15 March 2012

Inception Park - Fernando Livschitz

This clip is called Inception Park, named after the 2010 film Inception. In the dream world that was created in Christopher Nolan’s Hollywood blockbuster, laws of physics are meaningless. Hotels can be suspended in a state of zero gravity. People can become chameleons, completely morphing their physical appearances. Entire cities can be folded in half. Inception Park also conjures a fantasy world of dreams, but things are much simpler: all you have to worry about are floating amusement park rides.

As you can see above, a trackless roller coaster takes on a serpent-like appearance. Teacup-like rides look positively dangerous when performed on a ledge. Tourists photograph it all just as casually as they would the Monumento de los EspaƱoles.

Inception Park is the work of an imaginative filmmaker, Fernando Livschitz. He took some mundane video of Buenos Aires, some feed of amusement park rides, and used some CG software to tie it all together. If rules are made to be broken, then the imagination of artists like Livschitz are breaking the rules of nature. It’s nothing we’ll see in our lifetimes, but that’s part of what makes film entertaining, no? 

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