Wednesday, 14 March 2012

How to get into advertising for graduate students?

It is the competitive environment and blah blah blah, so find your own ways how to do that. Everyone says the same thing over and over again.

But you can get inspired by the following story story.

Melbournian junior creatives Andrew Grinter and Lee Spencer wanted to land interviews with very successful (aka very busy) Creative Directors. Their method? Buy up the domain names of said CDs and holding the sites for ransom. “An interview or else the site will get it”. And their threat was very real. Watch the video for what happened next.

However, it is not for the graduates. What my tutor would say about it is that ‘You are not the art director’ to do that. So just don’t listen – act.

Another interesting point is the new way how agencies do their recruitment.

It is not a surprise now, that you see a job advert on linkedin or you can download and attach your linkedin profile to one of the websites. It is not a surprise that Saatchi Saatchi is doing their first stages recruitment online. There are other more interesting ways how you can get recruited.

Muse: Drawsome Intern - Advertising Agency: Muse, Amsterdam, Netherlands

BMB 2011 Ad Scheme – Skype Interview.

An ever-changing panel conducted over 350 interviews in 16 hours using a Skype interview mechanic, with a virtual roulette wheel letting pot luck decide which BMBer spoke to which interviewee.
That was random, but brand new! I remember my excitement about it, and worries as well.. I remember that minute before the interview, when you just watch the interviewees and play the roulette and wait… and then they call you! It WAS an experience and I can only imagine what they are going to do for the next year!

Another opportunity – in Toronto.

This is an opportunity for bright folks who are interested in copywriting, art direction, and account services to come show them your shit.
If you are a copywriter or art director, make sure to take a portfolio of your best shit (3-5 campaigns). Go and meet a working copywriter and art director who will be happy to tell you what they think of your shit.
And this year they are happy to announce that they are opening up the night to people interested in becoming suits. You do not need a portfolio, though you can bring one if you like. Make sure to have a resume with your contact shit in case they need to get a hold of you.
Spaces are limited, so don’t put this shit off.

And finally - Saatchi X 'Lift Pitch'

A 30 second pitch in a lift (yes, a LIFT) could win you a job at Saatchi X.

This is a great opportunity for recent graduates and final year students. The idea around it is this:
Imagine you’re in the reception of the ad agency where you want to work. The lift comes down, the doors open and inside is the boss you need to impress. This is your chance, you jump in the lift and you’ve got 30 seconds to tell that boss why you should get a job in advertising.

  • You will have 30 seconds to pitch yourself and win a job at Saatchi & Saatchi X. The 30” pitch in the lift can be anything from a bit of showmanship, to a presentation of your favourite ad.
  • The event will take place on April 27th, 2012.  Saatchi X are asking you to show up at  the new offices - at 24-30 Great Titchfield, London. Bring your CV, take a number, join the queue and get ready for your 30 second pitch in a lift.
  • For each successful lift pitch, there’s a 5 minute call back on the same day; from that, a number of you will be selected to come back and attend our best-of-the-best bootcamp.

Good Luck!
And lets see what else we can expect :)

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