Friday, 16 March 2012

Chow Hon Lam - Flying Mouse

Chow Hon Lam is a very talented illustrator from Malaysia. He has been designing since 8 years and got into t-shirt designing after he subbed in his first illustration at Threadless 3 years ago. Since then he hasn’t stopped creating amazing designs. Visit his online store, and continue reading to know more about him.

More pictures and an interview with the author under the cut

When did you start designing, and why?

I have been working as a freelance Illustrator since 8 years. I love designing characters, books and some covers. My tee shirt career began on 2007 after I subbed my very first design to Threadless. The response was great and it gave me confidence to do more of it. Now I love spending most of my time designing t-shirts.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Everything around inspires me. I always believe that everything has their own story, a cup of tea, a watermelon, a pussy cat, a cloud, or even a chair. I try to create a story for them. Maybe they have something to say, but just can’t speak.

How do you create your designs, and what tools do you use?

I usually spend about 6 hours to create one illustration. I start with a very rough sketch in Adobe Illustrator, then ink it and color it. Sometimes I use Photoshop too, depending on the amount of detail I need for that particular design.

Designers that you love and admire?

An Illustrator from Japan. Tatsuyuki Tanaka.

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